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Costs and Dues

We strive to keep costs as low as possible and rely heavily on fundraising to support the troop’s activities.

Cost should not be a barrier to participating, please inquire about potential scholarship options.

Regular program costs

All boys must pay their Trail Life USA membership, local troop dues, and purchase a uniform.

Trail Life USA membership*$33.25
Local troop dues*
(Includes handbooks, awards, and regular meetings)
Uniform$60 – 110
* Trail Life USA membership and troop dues are due annually

Additional Costs

There may be added costs depending on the scheduled events.

  • Some events may have an added nominal fee to help cover food and supplies.
  • Events hosted by other organizations may have additional costs involved.
  • Trailmen will need some personal camping gear when attending campouts. This includes items such as mess kit, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent. The troop will supply shared gear such as cooking equipment.


The troop will hold at least one fundraising event each year. Participation in fundraising is critical to ensuring we have an exciting program year. More details on fundraising will be made available at the start of the program year.