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All Trailmen and Adult Leaders must have a Class A and Class B uniform. Adult helpers only need a Class B uniform. 

All Registered Adults must wear their lanyard and ID as part of youth protection policies. 

Troop Uniform (Class A)

The Troop Uniform is worn to all meetings and events unless otherwise noted.

 Requirement Store links 
Shirt Trail Life USA Troop Uniform Shirt Build your bundle
Pants Trail Life USA Troop Pants, or very dark green or dark gray hiking pants, or dark jeans.TLUSA Troop Pants 
CQR Hiking Pants
Shoulder LoopsPick your Trailmen’s current levelShoulder Loops
Belt AnyTLUSA Uniform Belt 
Socks Any dark colored socks 
Shoes Closed toe shoes 
Hat Optional: Trail Life USA Tri-Color HatTLUSA Tri-Color Hat 

Trail Uniform (Class B) 

The Trail Uniform is worn to Hit the Trail events, and other less formal events. 

 Requirement Store links 
Shirt TLUSA Trail T-Shirt, Wicking T-Shirt, or Travel Polo shirt T-Shirts:
Woodlands, Navigators, Adventurers

Wicking T-Shirts:
Woodlands, Navigators, Adventurers
Pants Any 
Belt Any 
Socks Any 
Shoes Appropriate footwear for the event