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Our Troop

Troop CA-19 is chartered by Spark to Light in Roseville, CA and has been in operation since 2023. We adhere strictly to the Trail Life USA Statement of Faith, Core Values and Christian Worldview.

Our troop is run by boy leaders as much as possible. We provide a safe place for boys to “fail safely” so they have ample opportunity to test themselves and learn new skills.

The troop is 100% volunteer run, and we encourage all member families to help foster an amazing experience for our boys. Parents are strongly encouraged to become Registered Adults and participate in all events.

Troop Structure

Our goal is to have the troop operated by the boys as much as possible. Boy leadership is supported by a group of committed adult volunteers including our Troop Committee, Adult Leaders, and Registered Adults.

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee is the Troop’s governing board and is composed of Registered Adults. The Troop Committee handles Troop business and support functions to facilitate proper troop operation.

Adult Leaders

Adult program leaders are Registered Adults who have direct contact roles with boys throughout the program. These adults lead and instruct as role models to Trailmen. Adult Leader roles include the Ranger (Woodlands), Trailmaster (Navigators), Advisor (Adventurers), and the Trail Guides who help them.

Registered Adults

Registered Adults are adult members of Trail Life USA, meaning they are currently registered, agree with, and will abide by the Trail Life USA Statements of Faith and Values. They have passed criminal background check and subsequent checks as mandated and are current in Child Safety and Youth Protection Training. Registered Adults are identified by red Trail Life lanyards and name tags.