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2023 Fundraising

We have two fundraising options to help support the troop this year! We use these funds to pay for events, purchase troop equipment, and generally provide an exciting year for the Trailmen. Some upcoming events include a trip to Quarry Park, rafting in the American River, and a Pine Car Derby!

It is very important that all Trailmen participate in fundraising activities to support the troop and earn their way.

Fundraiser resources:

Store links:


Wreaths Across America

Our troop is helping to honor fallen veterans by collecting sponsorships for wreaths to be placed at gravesites at the Roseville District Cemetery.

For each sponsored wreath (at $17.00 per wreath), $5.00 will be given to the Troop.

The deadline to sponsor wreaths is Tuesday, November 28th. A wreath-laying ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 16 at noon.

Sponsorships can be collected using our dedicated troop page.

HybridLights are durable, eco-friendly flashlights and lanterns that never need batteries. You can also use most models to charge your phone! The troop receives 40% of each sale plus Trailmen can earn awards depending on how much they sell. There are three ways to sell lights:

Sell direct online

You can direct people to our troop order page where they can place online orders. This is a great option for out-of-town family and friends, or as a leave behind for door-to-door sales. Online orders ship directly to the supporter.
Make sure supporters select your Trailman’s name during checkout so they get credit for the sale.

Online orders can be placed on our Troop order page. The “leave-behind” flyers in the resource section above have QRs codes that link to this page.

Collect offline orders

Trailmen can also collect offline orders, either door-to-door or any other creative way. Collect orders and payments using the attached order form. Once your order form is returned to the troop, Trailmen can expect to receive their lights within 2-3 weeks. Trailmen can then deliver the lights to their supporters.

Sell at a storefront or booth

The troop will be organizing a few opportunities for Trailmen to sell lights in front of a store or booth. In this case we will have lights on hand and sell them on the spot. More details to come. Let us know if you have any creative ideas on where to do this!

  • November 4/5 – Sportsman’s Warehouse and Hobby Lobby.